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If you are a wellness practitioner interested in joining our professional community, please inquire here:

Wellness Connects is an awesome community of wellness practitioners who collectively support individual and community wellness by providing a network of services from a wide range of wellness modalities. We collaborate to restore and maintain wellness through professional services and tools, cross-referrals to complementary practitioners, and public programs for education, outreach, and community connections.

Our supportive wellness web is accomplished by becoming familiar with each other’s areas of expertise, sharing knowledge and tools, supporting each other, and offering a combination of private sessions, classes, workshops, and mini-retreats. Wellness Connects rocks!

Membership Values and Benefits

We learn from and connect with one another; clients learn about us and how we can support them. The connections we make with each other and for our clients are fostered by:


Enhanced opportunities to support individual and community wellness.


Connections and collaboration through Wellness Connects peer network of top-notch wellness practitioners.


Opportunities to learn from and share with each other.


Wellness Connects Branded Events, Programs, Joint Workshops.


Business visibility online and offline.

Wellness Connects Member Review

Simone Holderbach/Eastside Bodywork, Manual Neurotherapy and Movement Improvement in Kirkland, WA

Wellness Connects feels like a second family, not simply a networking group!

My family moved to the Pacific Northwest a little over five years ago from New Jersey where I left a thriving massage practice behind. With kids in elementary and middle school and as a working mother who was trying to reinvent herself and determined to build a business, it really wasn’t easy to grow roots or make many new friends. And then there is the Seattle freeze. LOL.

From a business perspective, I considered the typical networking groups but shied away from joining any of them – early-morning, weekly breakfast meetings seemed to be impossible to fit into my schedule. Plus, I consider myself an introvert at heart and the idea of having to sing my own praises every week in front of strangers didn’t appeal to me at all. Lucky for me, I found Wellness Connects. Actually, I met Susan before it even existed and was just a mere brainchild of hers. And what a beautiful child it came to be: From the first meeting I felt that this was THE networking group for me. There was no pressure, only genuine interest in one-another. A circle of like-minded souls coming together, led by Susan’s curiosity, integrity, love, and purpose to build a community. Immediately, I felt at peace.

Last year, due to some health challenges in my family, I barely made it to any of the monthly meetings and I missed everyone dearly. In the summer of 2018 my family briefly considered a move back to the East Coast and my first thoughts were not how hard it would be to say good-bye to the beauty of Washington State or how difficult it would be to start over and building a new business all over again. No – my thoughts immediately zoomed into the certainty of how much I would miss this incredible group of practitioners and our inspiring get togethers… I don’t think anything like it exists anywhere else! Luckily, we chose to stay and I’m able to yet again attend the monthly meetings at beautiful Cedar Sanctuary in Sammamish, a gorgeous space filled with light, love, and nothing but good vibes.

So, if you are on the fence of whether or not you should join this group: jump off the fence and make your way to our next meeting. Be our guest, chat with us, and see what we’re all about. We would LOVE to meet you and have you become an integral part of the Wellness Connects community.