Susan Adamson

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Description of Services:

I am a Mother-Baby Harmony Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Registered Nurse specializing in empowering mothers to release stress and overwhelm in order to cultivate the relationship with their children, partner and family that they truly desire.

My passion and joy is being able to provide tools and strategies to help women let go of anxiety and stress that they have been carrying with them for years, often unknowingly. When we decrease our stress, our creativity and joy can bloom.

I am so fortunate to be able to witness these transformations with the women I work with—from confusion and chaos to confidence and clarity.

The ripple effect is powerful! Their children, partners, home and work environment all benefit.

One of my favorite offerings is my Resilient Family Program where I work with the whole family: Mom, partner and baby/child. These sessions are rich and informative. Families that have worked with me are most grateful for my ability to interpret what is going on with their baby.

Re-balancing the body after an illness or vaccination, has been powerful, resulting in eliminating symptoms quickly.

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