Gail Kronberg

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Description of Services:

Gail Kronberg is a certified and licensed Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Sound Healer and Owner of Singing Bowl Soundsations in Kirkland, WA.

She attended the Atma Buti Sound & Vibrational School in Boulder, Colorado where she learned the traditional ways of healing with Himalayan chakra bowls under Master Teacher Suren Shrestha.

Gail is also a certified Reiki Master/Teacher trained in Usui/Holy Fire and Shamanic Reiki. She offers services for both humans and animals, including private sound massage healing, Reiki sessions and group sound baths, and is available for retreats, workshops, and private events.

In addition to energy healing studies, Gail has always had a love for music and graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from Silver Lake College and a Master of Music from Illinois State University.