Kristen Jawad

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Description of Services:

My name is Kristen and my goal is to help my clients define, design, and implement individualized self-care plans using nurturing touch and other wellness practices.

I have been a licensed health care provider for 20 years and am excited to support your goals using seasonally inspired, organic spa therapies in my cozy Kirkland studio.

Experience the difference- I take the time to connect to understand exactly what you need to feel comfortable & benefit from each session. My clients are focused on the many benefits of therapeutic massage and preventative health care. Cheers to pleasure filled health rituals, caring for yourself on a deeper level & achieving your wellness goals!

  • Massage for Injury recovery & wellness maintenance
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Care
  • Thai Yoga Therapy
  • Advanced Spa Therapies
  • Self Care Education

Sometimes the world feels too busy, too hurried, too peoplely. We’re on auto pilot most of the time, multi-tasking and managing responsibilities when what we really crave is a bit of calm, a patch of peace. A woman needs to first be in her body to feel her body.

If you’re like me, you’re feeling a quiet call to reconnect with the natural world. To indulge in sacred pleasures – like our wise ancestors before us did. To savour the spray of rose water, or the glisten of organic oil on skin, or the joy of hand-grinding fragrant herbs.

One of my core beliefs is keeping the treat in TREATment. Luxurious. effective. nontoxic. Practice the Pause. Wind down with a warm, foot soak & we will connect about what will best serve you in your body & life.

After your massage, there will be time to become present before reconnecting with the world.