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Hi! My name is Kerri Baker, and I am passionate about helping others lead fit and healthy lives. While I love living a healthy lifestyle today, I wasn’t always fit and healthy.

Growing up, I was an overweight child and an obese young adult. I found comfort in food, and as I entered the corporate world following college, I ballooned up to about 240 pounds.

After a health scare in my mid 20’s during my yearly physical, I knew I had to make a change after hearing that I was pre-diabetic.

Terrified and ashamed, I hired my first trainer at age 27. I had no idea what to expect — I was so embarrassed to set foot in the gym, bit I was even more embarrassed at how out of shape I was. I was so intimidated!

Fortunately, I was able to overcome my fears and began to make positive changes in my life. Over time, I learned how to make healthier choices, changed my mindset to support my new choices, and lost 100 pounds.

I’ve kept off those pounds for over 10 years. Getting started was one of the best (and most difficult!) decisions I ever made for myself, and I am a different person today because of it.

Today, I am passionate about helping others, just like me, reach their fitness goals and STAY there. I believe in pairing the right sustainable nutrition strategies with fun, effective workouts to provide a livable approach to lasting fitness and fat loss. Trust me, it works.

I train my clients the exact same way I train myself: with metabolism-boosting boot camp workouts in a safe, supportive environment — one that keeps me motivated and coming back! I know exactly what it is like to struggle with losing weight because I struggled with it for most of my LIFE.

My mission and purpose is to help others achieve permanent fitness and fat loss results in an environment they can’t WAIT to be a part of.

Regardless of fitness level, I want every member to feel like a welcomed part of our family, because they are.

TCMM Fitness offers fitness....but with a 'twist!' Instead of just workouts, TCMM approaches lasting fitness and fat loss through 4 pillars: Sustainable, customized nutrition, stress management, accountability, and fitness.

While workouts are at the core of what TCMM Fitness offers, what makes TCMM so unique is the high level, holistic approach and sustainability. TCMM is a true transformation center for all things health and wellness, and will meet a client where they're at in their journey while encouraging them to grow and develop strategies to include self care habits around nutrition, stress management, and exercise.

I can’t wait to meet you and be a part of your fitness journey!