Jasmine Svare

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Description of Services:

Jasmine Svare is a Mental Health Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. She specializes in anxiety, depression, codependency, relationship issues, emotional eating, and trauma/ptsd. The Hypnotherapy work she does uses a somatic focus and is a powerful tool to use in addition to talk therapy. She also offers a six-week coaching program called TRIM-LIFE to help clients work through overeating issues and connect with and care for their true selves. We are programmed at a very young age with our beliefs about ourselves and the world. Our early programming is stored in our subconscious mind and many of us live our lives not realizing that our ego is continuing to try and prove these beliefs right, for protection and survival. We create a life of ego-satisfaction where our ego feels valid and strong, but what we donโ€™t realize is that this can rob us of the beautiful life that really exists. It not only distracts us from reality, but it perpetuates a life that supports the old programming. Once we see these patterns, we can find freedom.