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Description of Services:

Full Spectrum ​I am done fitting (or squeezing) into a box... You know the ones like- woman, daughter, mom, friend, straight, gay, happy, sad, depressed, married, divorced... WHATEVER!

Those limitations and burdens that keep us from fully expressing our truest and highest Self. Getting to a place where I no longer restrict myself by someone else's ideas has been a long (but not) journey with many hurdles.

And now that I am more confident and grounded in all that I am... I want to help others learn to break free from the weight of judgment and the (real or fancied) pressure of society.

My greatest accomplishment has been learning to love mySelf. And even as I write this I can hear the internal judgment of why I didn't say "having my children." Right?! The thing that you hear many women say when you ask them what has been their greatest accomplishment.

Instantly I can respond to that thought with a loving & compassionate response... Because if I didn't learn to love mySelf in the way that I do, my children would not love their Self - and I would not be an example of what I hope for the ones that I love.​

I am honored to hold space for others to explore and connect to Self.