Vila Loukas

Description of Services:

Vila Loukas is a Certified Healer & Guide with the Modern Mystery School International and owner of House of Healing Center of Light in Lynnwood.

She offers advanced spiritual methods, training, and modalities to assist people in unlocking a deeper connection to their true Life Purpose. Through classes & workshops, Vila trains people to get in touch with their own intuition, higher self, spiritual guidance & life purpose.

Through individual sessions, Vila uses ancient Mystery School modalities to awaken, heal, clear, and empower people to be able to take the steps needed to embrace greater health, well-being and tune in to their soul’s true calling.

Vila specializes in helping those who are READY to find greater joy, fulfillment, health, vitality, empowerment, expansion, clarity and self-mastery.

She is passionate about potential and believes that each of us has a unique set of gifts to give the world and when we are empowered to fulfill our purpose, we can truly make an impact for the betterment of all!

Services include:

  • Energy Alchemy
  • Energy Healing
  • Emotional Cord Cutting/Negative Energy Clearing
  • Ensofic Ray Healing
  • Life Activation
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Aura Healing