Susan Bull

Susan Bull, Board Certified Structural Integration

Description of Services:

I provide skilled and effective bodywork to help people feel better in their body. Clients have great outcomes and I’m in awe of the amazing, healing power of touch.

I love my work. I feel blessed to be witness to people’s stories of healing.

As a Structural Integrator, I provide specialized bodywork to support untangling lifetime patterns and compensations from the impact of our modern lifestyle on the human form.

SI is a modality that focuses on the connective tissue system (fascia), which is basically the stuff that holds us together.

I also specialize in Bellywork (Clinical Visceral Massage), Scarwork, Bonework, and TMJ/Intraoral techniques.

Your body is your home. It carries your inner self through the world. Structural Integration is crazy wonderful super effective body work.

Clinical Visceral Massage helps bellies find the greatest ease.

Happy bodies, free from pain and entrenched tension patterns help people be their best self.