Laureli Shimayo

Description of Services:

Laureli Shimayo is a leadership, life and love coach and metaphysical practitioner. Her main modalities are Body Psychology Coaching and Intuitive Eye Readings with ThriveTypes.

She is passionate about people being authentic and resourceful – she manifests this by reflecting what she sees in people’s eyes and their body and by teaching them to use their body as a guide for powerfully creating what they really want.

Laureli is at her core a connectress – connecting knowledge into a useful map, people with their purpose and genius, complementary teammates and romantic partners to each other, organizations with ways to win their game, and people into deeper connection.

With a background in science, business, intellectual property and human resources; training and certifications in life coaching, relationship coaching, psychotherapy, leadership coaching, and strategic planning; plus a passion for the transformative potential of relationships. Laureli is an:

  • Intuitive Eye Reader (
  • Body Psychology Coach (examples)
  • Life & Growth Coach Matchmaker
  • Dating & Relationship Coach
  • Career Coach Hiring Consultant (
  • Leadership & Business Coach, Trainer, Strategic Planner & Intellectual Property Consultant
  • Author