Claire Stanley

Description of Services:

Hi, my name is Claire Stanley, and I am certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, and Hormone Cure Coach. I founded my practice, Creative Balance Health, just over a decade ago to help midlife women, typically stressed-out and exhausted, finally take back control of their fatigue, weight, and digestive health issues naturally.

Providing the right diagnostic lab tests, resources, education, and accountability, I support my clients to make simple, realistic lifestyle changes with their diet, rest, exercise, and stress. In addition, we address any mindset blocks, patterns, and obstacles that have been getting in their way with achieving their health goals. As a result, my clients are able to restore their spark and business vitality plus feel good in their body again and can put their focus back on what matters most to them.

The women I work with, come to me with various health complaints including chronic fatigue, foggy brain, poor digestion, bloating, stubborn belly fat and weight, sleep disturbances, hot flashes, rashes, and thyroid or autoimmune conditions. Trying to eliminate gluten, dairy, sugar, processed or other foods from their diet has become overwhelming. These women are driven high achievers, typically push through personal challenges, and their health complaints are now making it difficult for them to function well at work or at home.

Often, they’ve been told their symptoms are “normal for their age” or the lab results are “within range”, leaving them frustrated they aren’t being taken seriously and left without any solutions. There may also be a history of childhood trauma or even a recent chronic stress situation, that is highly tied to systemic inflammation or chronic autoimmune conditions later in life.

With my Functional Diagnostic Nutrition certification, I’m required to present a thorough case study with results interpretation to an FDN Medical Director for each lab test ordered, before I provide a client’s Report of Findings. Through continuing education, I am recertified every 2 years.

With regards to exercise and psychological stress reduction, when addressing the specifics of fitness, bodywork, or mental and emotional therapies, I educate my clients on appropriate options and refer them out. Because I meet or check-in with my clients weekly, I can help them to understand and comply with any instructions their doctor, naturopath, or other wellness practitioner has given them but is having difficulty adopting or sticking to.

Currently, I only coach one-on-one, as each individual’s situation and metabolism are unique. I over three different coaching programs: Wellness Jump Start (3-months), Energy & Gut Health Intensive (6-months), Mind-Body Health Transformation (9-months), as well as customized programs when warranted. In addition, I offer a bundle of 3 coaching sessions, without any lab tests, for when simple, targeted help is needed, such as problem-solving dietary changes or sleep hygiene. Coaching bundles and programs start at $447 depending on the length of the program and specific lab tests ordered. I do offer payment plans and discounts for full payment up-front.

One benefit I offer my clients is access to several online supplement dispensaries through my practice, featuring hundreds of brands, discounted 20-35%. I’m different because I personally check the ingredients of every supplement and nutrient I recommend for contraindications. It’s common to discover during onboarding that new clients have been taking probiotics, digestive enzymes, and nutrients that are actually making them sicker without their realizing it!

I am located on Mercer Island, between Seattle and Bellevue, but see my clients virtually for everyone’s convenience, so location is not an issue. Potential clients to my practice initially schedule a free 30-minute health discovery conversation with me so I can learn more about their situation and health goals and then determine if we are a good fit to work together and how I may best help them.

At Creative Balance Health, my mission is to support women to develop self-compassion, become empowered, and feel validated with their health. My goal is to help restore midlife whole-body vitality, naturally.