Brenda Loukes

Description of Services:

Where there is flow there is health.

To be “in flow”, we need to be in a state of aloha, and be allowing our True Creativity to flow.
To be “in flow”, we need to clear out the things that cause stagnation, the boulders and logs that stop the water (life force) flowing…

… because when we acknowledge there’s a block, and clear out the blockages in our bodies and energetic system, we create the space to be filled up with more love and creativity. Then we are able to be “in flow ” with our selves, with life, with our purpose and our loved ones. We will have more energy to find creative solutions to problems, and put more focus into creating a world of love and flow, harmony and peace – for everyone.

For me, being in a state of flow means that I can respond to life’s challenges with more fluidity, openness and awareness. I can ride the waves that are in front of me with ease and grace. And I get to know myself. I get to live from the inside,out.

Find your flow…

I offer Hawaiian Lomi Lomi in the form of Kahuna Bodywork as well as intuitive free-flowing SoulPainting and SoulDancing experiences to give you the opportunity to come home to your body and meet your soul. It’s an ongoing journey of self discovery and learning.

It’s a wonderful thing, to meet your self, to be in flow.

I look forward to flowing with you on your journey.