Barbara Krauss, The Centre for Organic YESipes™

This is a blissfully messy concoction. Get your hands dirty, your face smudged, feel the freedom in your body and the pounding of your heart as you release yourself from the captivity of having to be perfect. You will get to be in the sensation of being in the unexpected!

First build a fire; a temple of flames; large, and golden and crackling; a fire that dances its sparks into the air of endless time. Feel the heat on your skin. Breathe in the scent of the primitive warmth. Stand in the glow if its magnificent spirit.

Next, find a large, deep, dark, fire stained cauldron; one you can put upon on the flames and boil the ingredients down to their bare essence. Fill the vessel with water and bring to a vigorous rolling boil.

Inside a medium size cooking satchel, place a generous mixture of “perfection paralysis”. Include:

1 heaping tablespoon of I am not good enough
1 cup of fear of failure
2/3 cup of overwhelm
3 teaspoons of not knowing where to begin
A handful of immobilization
¼ teaspoon of fear of success
1 tablespoon of unrealistic expectations
2 cups of fear of making mistakes

Toss the satchel into the boiling caldron and add to that your radiant voice exclaiming 3 times to the world “I get to release my beliefs about having to be perfect!”

Breathe. Breathe and enjoy the process of breathing. Feel your body. Notice sensation. Watch the perfectionism simmer into oblivion.

Now for the pièce de résistance…The gathering of the secret ingredients of “enlightenment of mortals”. Gather together in equal parts a delectable blend of:

Lowering expectations
Putting less pressure on yourself
Permission not to have to do things right
Being perfect at being imperfect
Stepping into the process of life and passion
Exercising acceptance
Practicing compassion
Relaxing and surrendering with grace
Just being you without judgment

Carefully place the special blend into the cauldron sans perfectionism, stir with deep love and respect. Allow the bouquet to permeate the broth.

Sip the magical nectar you have created and feel it caress your pallet and notice what happens. You now have permission to imperfectly dance, sing, be messy, create, skip around, laugh, cry, jump, scream, breathe…anything you want to do is yours to embrace, for you are released from paralysis of perfectionism.

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