“You know how you are doing in your practice based on the quality of your relationships.” Why did Krishnamacharya, who is often called the father of yoga, say this?

When we are able to embrace all aspects of ourselves, we are able to equally embrace others and the quality of our relationships improves. What we previously reacted to in another, we no longer react to. كلاب السلوقي We can instead relate compassionately to ourselves and to others.

If there is a part of ourselves that we reject or deny, we will reject that aspect in another. The next time you react to someone’s behavior, pause and feel into what it is you haven’t accepted in yourself. When we become heartbreaking real with ourselves, we open up to becoming truly human. This is the first step on the spiritual path.

Here is a guided meditation to practice to embrace ourselves, others, and the world, without judgment. البلاك جاك Through this practice, we may see that there is no separation between ourselves, others, and the world.

Inhale, breathe in, embrace what you are experiencing in this moment.
Allow all of it to be OK.
Exhale, breathe out, offering yourself love and compassion.
Repeat 3x

Inhale, breathe in, embrace all the qualities of those around you.
Allowing all of it to be accepted.
Exhale, breathe out, offering them love and compassion.
Repeat 3x

Inhale, breathe in, embrace all the qualities of the world, the darkest to the lightest. (If we reject any of it, we don’t allow for the healing. كوتشينة بالانجليزي )
Exhale, breathe out, offering love and compassion to the whole world.
Repeat 3x

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