The following is a summary of the presentation notes from the December 2018 Wellness Connects meeting:

Online relationships move similarly to relationships built at networking events.

Interest > Nurture > Commit

Google and search engines work to make recommendations to credible websites, you can measure how the credibility of a website with domain authority, or DA.

To build better domain authority here are some factors:
> How long the domain has been in use
> The design of the website
> Traffic going to the website and is being updated with new information regularly
> credible links going to your website (a benefit of the new website)

Building Wellness Connects DA will promote practitioners websites with both a credible link and with traffic.

Blog posts. To provide fresh information, and promote practitioners websites we need blog post descriptions (why someone should read this…) and an image.

Blog posts will not be copied from sites because we want to respect your original content.

A great resource for images is and; a preferred size is 600px x 900px.

Authors will be credited with a bio and a link to the article on their own blog.

What’s better than a shout out? This digital marketer thinks it is a google review.

To set your business up on Google Maps go to and fill out the form. You’ll need to verify your address with them snail mailing you a card and you enter a code.

Once you are verified, go to and search for your business name. Click on your name, the link up above is the link to send people who are willing to write an online testimonial. This is the best place to get a review because of the connection to search.