Long after Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, wellness is the gift that keeps on giving any day of the week. Treat yourself or a loved one to a restorative session with our fabulous Wellness Connects practitioners, attend a rejuvenating class, or share one of the many great gift items available from our providers.

As for supporting nonprofits that do great work – not just on Giving Tuesday – the following local organizations are facilitated by two of our own Wellness Connects practitioners!

ERIC (Eastside Refugees and Immigrant Coalition): Working to assure that our communities are safe and welcoming for people of all backgrounds and abilities.

clarity4action: Supporting teens and young adults (and the people who care about them) to navigate a successful life by integrating whole-person decision making into their lives.


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Pamper and Pause Gotta Have Happy Feet

Pamper & Pause: Gotta Have Happy Feet!

Sunday, December 9, 2-4:30pm at Cedar Sanctuary
Foot Soak and Massage with Kristen Jawad
MELT Method Techniques with Susan Creighton

Your afternoon of necessary indulgences begins with simple MELT self-care foot techniques using small balls to awaken and restore balance and vitality. Followed by a Barefoot Signature Foot Soak with our Happiness aromatherapy blend enhanced with a mineral salt blend. You’ll then be treated to a mini foot massage followed by a bed of warming Basalt stones to complete the grounding experience. (Cuppa and connect time while others receive their massage.) Happy feet = happy you. Take a break!

Investment $50 each (max 8 participants & registration ends 12/5)
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Roller and balls src

Restorative Rolling with MELT

Thursday, December 13, 8:45-9:45am at Cedar Sanctuary
Susan Creighton of Subundance Wellness

Move and feel better! Improve your body’s stability, mobility, balance, and fun-factor with restorative foam rolling. Using a specialized soft foam roller and small balls for feet and hands, these easy self-care techniques release tension, stuck-stress, aches, and pain, decompress the joints, and help us move with greater ease from head to toe. Sound awesome? You bet!

Investment $20 (limited to 8 participants): Save-your-spot here
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(Let us know if you’d like to join us for Breath Centered Viniyoga class the same day at 10-11:15am with Sonia Weirich @ $35 for both classes! Normally $25 for Viniyoga)

Sound Bath 181214

Sound Bath Meditation

Friday, 12/14, 8-9pm at Cedar Sanctuary
Gail Kronberg of Singing Bowl Soundsations

Invite lightness and flow into your life as we take a transformative journey immersed in the luscious soundscapes and healing frequencies of an extraordinary ensemble of therapeutic sound instruments. The pure, penetrating frequencies will tune every cell of the body and support your experience of harmonization as you are guided into a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Your evening will include a unique blend of quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, native drum, rainstick, tingshas, and koshi chimes. All of these instruments will play a part in our meditative experience as they bring their own unique textures and tonal qualities to your sonic journey. Clarity and presence will lead you on the pathway to Light and Peace.

Investment $25 (limited to12): Save-your-spot here or email Gail
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Essential Oil Bracelets

Essential Oils and Gemstones: Make your own Bracelet!

Monday, December 17, 6:30-8:30pm at Cedar Sanctuary
With Aromatherapist PJ Hanks

Join aromatherapist PJ Hanks for a fun evening making a beautiful gemstone bracelet. Lava beads are added to the bracelet for essential oil application, so you can enjoy the benefits of your essential oils while wearing it. These also make great holiday gifts, especially when adding a bottle of a fave essential oil. PJ will also share how to use essential oils to get through the holidays with ease!

Investment: $20 for one bracelet plus booklet or $35 for two bracelets plus booklet (arrive on-time to also create a free holiday essential oil roller bottle).
Email PJ Hanks to save-your-spot
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Judith Kramer Meditation Pic

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Judith Kramer

Monday, January 14 & Monday, January 28 at 11am-12:30pm at Cedar Sanctuary

Your body is like an instrument, and Kundalini Yoga tunes your strings to bring you into harmony with the Universe. This ancient practice uses breath, movement, posture, sound, and meditation to stimulate the kundalini energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine, and to consciously direct it upward through your body’s energy centers.

By chanting ancient, sacred mantras during meditation, you create vibrations that will clear your mind of old thoughts and habits that no longer serve you. Even if your mind wanders, the vibration and flow of the mantras will keep washing through your subconscious. The goal is to grow your awareness beyond the inner duality of right or wrong, good or bad – to a state of listening deeply, guided by your intuition.

All levels of fitness are welcome; almost all of the exercises are done with your eyes closed to encourage an inward focus. This 1.5-hour class is all about you and your path to inner peace, clarity, and vitality.

Investment $20 per class (limited to 12 participants and pre-registration required)
Jan 14: Save-your-spot here / Facebook event
Jan 28: Save-your spot here / Facebook event

Dance like a toddler

Move&Groove Dance

Thursday, January 24, 6:30-8pm at Cedar Sanctuary
Susan Creighton of Subundance Wellness.

Move&Groove is a dance playground. Freestyle movement, dimmed lights, eclectic music, and an awesome supportive community. All are welcome and no dance experience needed.

We were born in motion and we came to dance. Every body is a dancer, and when we come together and move to the same rhythms, we rewire individual and group neural pathways, release stuck stress, connect through a universal language that transcends words, and have big fun! Your dance. Our dance.

• Dress to move easily (socks or barefoot).
• Arrive early to park and check-in, or enjoy a cuppa.
• This is not a performance. Anything goes movement-wise.
Be yourself; everybody else is already taken. -Oscar Wilde)

Investment $20 (limited to 10 participants and pre-registration required)
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Happy Guts

Happy Guts

Saturday, February 9, 9am-12pm at Cedar Sanctuary
Kathleen Yow-Wells of Eastside Wellness Center

This class is based on the practice of Chi Nei Tsang developed by Taoist monks in ancient China. Chi Nei Tsang is deep abdominal organ massage with the purpose to detoxify, strengthen, and repair the body for health and vitality. This was the groundwork for their intense spiritual practices. Chi Nei Tsang means, ‘working with the energy of the internal organs’.

During our time together, you will learn how the digestive system works, what can go wrong, and how to support your own digestive system back to health affecting the entire vitality of your body. We will learn and experience the power of breath, gut awareness, and purposeful touch to your abdominal organs to reduce stress, pain, and discomfort. You will learn a ‘your hands on your gut’ self-care routine for daily use to nurture and support your guts. This is wonderful for family members as well, young and elderly alike. Hand-outs & resources provided.

Kathleen Yow-Wells, LMT has been practicing therapeutic bodywork since 1982. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, passion, and humor to her teachings. Kathleen always loved to teach people ‘self-care’ tools for their little black bag of healing.

Investment $108 (limited to 12 participants and pre-registration required)
Save-your-spot here
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Thursday, February 21, 6:30-8pm at Cedar Sanctuary
Repeats 3rd-Thursdays

We were born to move, and SoulDance is a safe and creative space to dance your dance ‘like nobody’s watching‘. Dancing with no judgment of ‘right’ ways to move, this is a place for you to be you. To dance your soul with a freestyle movement experience that will light up your body, your smile, and your life. Come as you are.

Brenda Loukes-Johnson creates a juicy free-flowing journey for each SoulDance session using voice and soul-stirring music, while drawing on her experiences as a dance instructor, Kahuna transformational bodyworker, and holding space for creative Soulpainting programs. (Co-ed. No fitness or dance experience is necessary. Dance barefoot or wearing socks.)

Investment $25 (limited to 10 participants): Email Brenda to save-your-spot
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Yoga with Sonia

Breath Centered Viniyoga

Weekly Class: Thursdays,10-11:15am at Cedar Sanctuary
Sonia Weirich of One To One Yoga
(Sonia is also available for private Yoga Healing Sessions at Cedar Sanctuary.)

This intimate yoga class is focused on breath, movement and meditation. Suitable for students of all levels, group classes are designed using safe sequencing and adaptation to serve individual needs. Breath is the fundamental link between body, mind, emotion, and spirit and it is emphasized in Viniyoga as the medium for all practice. Repetition and stay in a pose helps to build flexibility and strength as well as re-pattern bodily movement and habits (neuromuscular reintegration). The class ends with a soulful guided meditation to calm and focus awareness.

Investment $25 (first class free & 5 class package at $100)
Email Sonia to save your spot or call/text 206-422-1317
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Brenda Kahuna

Kahuna Transformational Bodywork

Private sessions with Brenda Loukes at Cedar Sanctuary

This Hawaiian form of bodywork is often called the ‘dance of breath and life from the heart’. Kahuna bodywork uses dynamic music, movement, and breath to unblock stuck energy in the body and create more flow in your body- and your life. This prayer-in-motion experience will take you on a soulful journey while beautifully and effortlessly combining breath, touch, music and movement. Truly, a transformational experience.

Contact Brenda to schedule your session at Cedar Sanctuary
$180 for 2-hour Immersion Experience: email or call 425.435.9498
(Brenda also offers Polynesian bodywork, experienced fully clothed. More info here)


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