I’ve been thinking a lot about healing, and what this means. For me, it is not merely about fixing perceived imperfections or brokenness. beoutq موقع It is an ongoing journey of remembering the true essence of who I am and walking the path of authentic selfhood without reference to another’s opinions or judgments. It is a slow and steady breath from the core and center of my I-am, grounded in knowing and moving (dancing!) from this place.

Sometimes, it means allowing myself to experience and process authentic emotions without judgment, even when they erupt from a deep simmering place in a tsunami of tears or anger. قمار اون لاين

Most minutes, it is a song of rejoicing in the fabulousness of living upon this beautiful earth. Pausing to admire the aroma of rain, the sound of a leaf floating from the skies to the ground, or a divine cuppa and connection with a friend.

Cedar Sanctuary is my oasis for this level of connecting with what is real and alive for me, and I get to share this sacred space with truly amazing providers who are passionate about facilitating wellness and wellbeing. Join us for a program or design your own. Stay for a cuppa.