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Wellness Connects Practitioners collectively support individual and community wellness by providing a network of services from a wide range of wellness modalities.

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Wellness Connects members support both individual and community wellness by creating a network of support services from a wide range of wellness modalities. Through collaboration-in-action, we facilitate wellness by becoming familiar with each other’s areas of expertise, sharing knowledge and tools, and providing wellness education and community connecting programs.

Wellness Events

With a wide range of healing modalities represented, our talented practitioners regularly host events to support body, mind, spirit, and a sense of belonging for everyone.
Our programs are a wonderful plugin for wellness and community connections.

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Embracing All: A Meditation

"You know how you are doing in your practice based on the quality of your relationships." Why did Krishnamacharya, who is often called the father of yoga, say this? When we are able to embrace all aspects of ourselves, we are able to equally embrace others and the...

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Wellness is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Long after Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, wellness is the gift that keeps on giving any day of the week. Treat yourself or a loved one to a restorative session with our fabulous Wellness Connects practitioners, attend a rejuvenating class, or share one of...

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Building Community with Digital Marketing

The following is a summary of the presentation notes from the December 2018 Wellness Connects meeting: Online relationships move similarly to relationships built at networking events. Interest > Nurture > Commit Google and search engines work to make...

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With the many paths to wellness

Our Mission

Supporting individual and community wellness. Our organization is about collaboration-in-action and benefiting clients through connections and community learning.
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Our network of wellness providers offers services from a wide range of wellness modalities.

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Our active and talented group is open to wellness practitioners who value community and learning about new modalities. Benefits include access to our thriving online community and monthly meetings on a variety of topics specific to wellness providers.

Upcoming Events

Jan 4 - Restorative Foam Rolling with MELT


Move and feel better! Improve your body’s stability, mobility, balance, and fun-factor with restorative foam rolling. Using a specialized soft foam roller and small balls for feet and hands, these easy self-care techniques release tension, stuck-stress, aches, and pain, decompress the joints, and help us move with greater ease from head to toe. Sound awesome? You bet!

Whether you’re an athlete or someone simply looking to move with greater ease, restorative rolling is complimentary to any wellness program, and a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Bonus: Appropriate for all levels, no pain, and feels great. (Includes an overall rebalancing sequence.)
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