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Wellness Connects Practitioners collectively support individual and community wellness by providing a network of services from a wide range of wellness modalities.

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Wellness Connects members support both individual and community wellness by creating a network of support services from a wide range of wellness modalities. Through collaboration-in-action, we facilitate wellness by becoming familiar with each other’s areas of expertise, sharing knowledge and tools, and providing wellness education and community connecting programs.

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With a wide range of healing modalities represented, our talented practitioners regularly host events to support body, mind, spirit, and a sense of belonging for everyone.
Our programs are a wonderful plugin for wellness and community connections.


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Supporting individual and community wellness. Our organization is about collaboration-in-action and benefiting clients through connections and community learning.
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How Are You Chgoosing Joy Today?
How Are You Chgoosing Joy Today?

I placed a sign at the entry of Cedar Sanctuary that reads simply, "choose joy." Is it really that simple? (My initial typo when writing this was "chgoose" joy, which I am en-joying and will use here.) I chgoose joy! What does this mean, and what exactly is joy? Joy...

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Starry Night Sky Meditation
Starry Night Sky Meditation

Begin by taking your awareness to the center of your head. Feel the whole head filled with the starry night sky. Rather than a head full of thoughts, notice spaciousness and expansiveness of the starry night sky.Release into that state of expansion. Whatever thought...

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